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Dr. Nan Jiang
Chinese, English
Expertise:Good at management and assessment of baby growth and development, short stature management, baby headform assessment and correction, diagnosis of pediatric allergic disease and desensitization treatment, and first-aid training
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Dr. Jiang Nan graduated from Pediatrics department of Chongqing Medical University. He has worked in Pediatrics in a Tertiary A hospital for 15 years and worked in high-end private hospitals for 7 years for 7 years. He has rich clinical experience and strong skills in pediatrics and is a member of Chinese Society for Neonatology. He is Griffiths Children Behavioral Development Appraiser, Children Stature Management Director and Exercise Prescription Director of the Chinese Family Planning Association, BLS mentor of American Heart Association. He is passionate in public education and first-aid training. He has been promoting the latest child rearing knowledge in short videos and WeChat public accounts, winning wide recognition.