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General Practice (GP) of DeltaHealth Clinic · Hongqiao has an internationally trained and certified medical team, committed to providing comprehensive medical services for people of all ages. While promoting disease prevention and health management, it also offers early diagnosis and intervention for patients or high-risk groups of diseases. GP has the ability to treat acute and chronic diseases in a timely and effective way. It also cares about home-based rehabilitation and physical and mental health of people under high pressure at work.

The scope of GP service includes: preventive healthcare consultation, diagnosis and treatment of common acute diseases and chronic diseases, long-term health management, home-based health guidance, sub-health consultation, life style and nutrition guidance. We are committed to protecting the health of you and your family.

Treatable Diseases:Preventive healthcare consultation, Diagnosis and treatment of common acute diseases and chronic diseases, Long-term health management, Home-based health guidance, Sub-health consultation, Life style and nutrition guidance